4gkit yields ___mg/ml dose?

  1. 4gkit yields ___mg/ml dose?

    Just a bit curious of something.......do all 4g kits yield the same mg/ml dose?? I'm just trying to narrow things down and I'm afraid I won't be able to be sure of what my final product is.
    Do 4g kits yield a final product of 100mg/ml or somwhere in the ballpark of 76mg/ml? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  2. i believe the manufacturers of most (if not all) kits have the materials to make a 76mg/ml solution, to make a 100mg/ml you would just use less sterile oil to dilute it.

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  3. Most common yield is 75-76mg/ml... your conversion process determines the accuracy of the yield... I generally undershoot the total mg/ml (3-5mg) to allow for some slight error (loss of any powder or too much oil for dillution).

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