E-Pol Alternative

  1. E-Pol Alternative

    I have been taking the advice of my local supplement shop and after reading some of the forums I wonder if he is leading me in the right direction. I used some X-Mass from the shop and he just recently sold me some E-Pol from Purus Labs. After some research it looks like this stuff could be pretty toxic on my liver.

    I have found some threads regarding test e and deca and was wondering what you guys thought about this type of cycle?

    Test E 500mg for 12 weeks
    Deca 400mg for 10 weeks

    I have also studied up on PCT for that type of cycle and it looks like Nolva if gyno prone and clomid if not.

    I am 32 yrs old, 5'7", 175, working out seriously for about the last two years. Looking to bulk.


  2. Looks like I need to run some arimidex while on cycle. What kind of dosages should be taken while on cycle?

  3. i'd take the epol back and use the cash to get a good SERM for your PCT for the test/deca cycle.

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