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    Everyone needs to call and write your congressmen over and over

    the horrors of the biden bill
    read this article. it is scary. for real roiders and prohormone aficionados the biden bill means the end of everything. ARe people aware of this yet??

    Recent steroid furor prompts two senators to propose crackdown
    By Dick Patrick

    The furor over the budding THG steroid scandal has prompted lawmakers to
    take action.

    Last week Sens. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) introduced
    the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2003, which would ban THG, the recently
    discovered designer steroid tetrahydrogestrinone, as well as derivatives of
    another controversial substance, androstenedione.

    Andro was popularized by the 1998 admission by baseball star Mark McGwire
    that he used the substance, which can be purchased over-the-counter but is
    banned by the Olympics, the NFL and the NCAA though not MLB.

    ''Despite some of the misgivings I have, this law on balance is an enormous
    step forward in the fight against steroids,'' says Gary Wadler, a physician
    who has written extensively about drugs in sport. ''This has potential for
    major, major impact assuming the act is not eviscerated in the legislative

    ''In a global view, andro is a bigger story than THG because of the numbers,
    the sheer ubiquity of it. The fact is a kid can currently get andro legally.
    They don't have to go to the back door of a chemist.''

    In Wadler's view, the proposed legislation's biggest flaw is that
    androstenedione is not banned directly unless there is a special ruling by
    the Food and Drug Administration. The bill does include all known andro
    derivatives as controlled substances. ''The lack of clarification on andro
    is a concern,'' Wadler says. ''The caveat on andro doesn't make sense.''

    Wadler's other concern: DHEA, like andro an over-the-counter substance that
    breaks down into testosterone in the body, remains on the bill's exempt list
    though it's banned by sports bodies including the Olympics. ''Biologically
    and chemically, this is inconsistent,'' he says. ''It's considerably
    disingenuous, if you think about it.

    ''This is part of the political horse trading. They wanted to leave
    (supplement makers) with something on the shelf. DHEA is marketed to the
    older, aging population to make up for natural decline. Andro is marketed
    toward the younger, more athletic population.''

    There are important provisions in the bill, Wadler says, including a less
    stringent definition of a steroid. No longer does a substance have to be
    proved to promote muscle growth to be classified as an anabolic steroid.

    Moreover, there are recommendations to review and toughen sentencing
    recommendations for violations of the steroid act.

    The combination of a less stringent definition of a steroid and the promise
    of stiffer sentencing is likely to produce more prosecutions.

    Wadler calls the current steroid law, which includes significantly less
    harsh penalties for steroids than cocaine or heroin, a case ''of unintended

    ''The U.S. attorney's office basically said that we can't take our limited
    resources and go after steroids for a short-term jail sentence,'' he said.
    ''It costs too much, and we don't get enough penalty time. Now there will be
    motivation to prosecute these cases. That could be the sleeper part of this

    The U.S. attorney's office in San Francisco is holding grand jury
    proceedings regarding THG, which the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency says has been
    provided to track athletes by Victor Conte, who founded BALCO Laboratories
    and provided supplements and dietary advice to many high-profile athletes.

    Five track athletes tied to Conte have tested positive for THG, recently
    discovered by testers after they were given a sample by an anonymous
    tipster. The latest to be named, by the Chicago Tribune, is U.S. hammer
    thrower John McEwen, who joins middle-distance star Regina Jacobs, shot
    putter Kevin Toth and British sprinter Dwain Chambers as ''A'' positive. If
    confirmation tests also are positive and the athlete loses an appeal, the
    penalty is a two-year ban from competition. Conte denies he is the source of
    the THG.

    In a related matter, the Los Angeles Times named sprinter Calvin Harrison, a
    Conte client, as positive for modafinil, a stimulant that carries no ban for
    a first offense.

    The San Francisco grand jury is expected to focus on Conte's finances, with
    the IRS leading the probe. ''If the proposed law was on the books,'' Wadler
    says, ''it could be pursued as a steroid case, not just an IRS case.''

    The horrors of the biden bill

  2. Go to the actual link.

    Here is one that is in the steroid section which has more info:****185070

    Here is the one in the supplement section:****185411

    I encourage you all to do this. It only takes a few minutes.

  3. Originally posted by larmenta

    There are important provisions in the bill, Wadler says, including a less
    stringent definition of a steroid. No longer does a substance have to be
    proved to promote muscle growth to be classified as an anabolic steroid.

    This is BS, does that mean Creatine can be classified as a "steroid", or am I being paranoid ? It just really worries me that they no longer need proof to ban a substance.

    If they cared about the kids than tobacco and alcohol would be illegal.

    Why the hell are they after DHEA, it's something I'd like to use when I hit 35-40 years of age.

    This **** is too unreal to me, gotta hit my punching bag now.
  4. noble leaders

    we all know these guys don't care about the truth. they'll do whatever to buy the next round of votes. some things never change.
  5. Re: noble leaders

    Originally posted by julius kelp
    we all know these guys don't care about the truth. they'll do whatever to buy the next round of votes. some things never change.
    This is the wrong approach to take. Especially when it only takes a few minutes to complain.
    In the above link to the steroid forum, there is a sample letter that you could even cut and paste and change to fit you more appropriately. It only takes a few mintues of your time, how does it hurt to try?

  6. your right, we should try to do the right thing.

  7. Sample Letter:

    The Honorable
    United States House of Representatives
    Washington, D.C. 20515Dear Representative:

    It has come to my attention that a bill (H.R. 207) has been introduced that aims to classify a wide variety of nutritional supplements as controlled substances. As a consumer of nutritional supplement products, I am gravely concerned about the consequences of this bill.

    This bill represents an abuse of the legislative system, and a blatant misuse of the controlled substance act. How can the government vote overnight to make criminal the possession of substances that have been used safely for years by millions of Americans? How can the government allow the attorney general to classify compounds as controlled substances without determining the existence of appropriate toxicological or pharmacological activity? Was the controlled substance act enacted with the intention that it be used as a political tool?

    If the government believes nutritional supplements such as pregnenolone and DHEA are unsafe and wishes to restrict access to them, then let it do so through already established legitimate means. Let the government produce the evidence that these substances are a risk to individuals and society, or that they meet the legal/scientific qualifications to be listed as controlled substances. Then, and only then, should the government be allowed to act.

    If this bill is passed it will directly affect the freedoms and lives of millions of Americans, including mature individuals that use DHEA and pregnenolone for anti-aging / disease-prevention purposes.

    Please vote NO on H.R. 207.




  8. Sorry to bump this again but it really is important.


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