Started Superdrol NG cycle today, i need help??

  1. Started Superdrol NG cycle today, i need help??

    I started taking SNG today and i did not do the recommended dosage! I started with 1 tab 20 min before breakfast, which I felt, normal and fine after that. Then I just took 1 more tab an hour before my workout (which was 6 hours after the 1st), that one thorough me for a loop. I had an awesome pump for the gym defiantly but as I was lifting I was getting dizzy and light headed, to the point where I had to sit down and take a break.
    Is this normal, I know this may have happened b/c my body is not used to the supplement yet.
    Please help, and when do I start taking the normal dosing, 1 in the morn 2 pre w/o and 1 after w/o. please help me someone???

  2. I tried this for a few days and all it did was make me feel sick to my stomach...gave it to a buddy, he noticed nothing from it as well, also said it made him a bit queezy. Good luck man...

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