injectable dhea?

  1. injectable dhea?

    ive found a source for dhea in vial form and wondered if anyone knew of dhea injections.

  2. why??? just why?

  3. why bother, just get some test

  4. haha beat me by a whisker

  5. obviously test is the more logical choice, I was just curious of the administration considering dhea isnt that great oraly. I think it could be viable option for a test substitute if one cant get their hands on test and say if it was found dhea is 100% legal. This probably isnt for me, just wanted to get some feedback

  6. id put in a transD before id inject it... just dont think Id ever want to go through the trouble of pinnin something that useless.... and still if you get caught with a dart loaded with DHEA it will be hard to explain its not steroids...


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