4-derm to hombrew!!!!

  1. 4-derm to hombrew!!!!

    i have a bottle of 4-derm and some 4-ad and 3-alpha caps. can i just add the caps filleres to the 4-derm with some alcohol to dissolve it and mix it together and make my trandermal hombrew.........dose it work?............do i need to add something else?

  2. Look to see what the total volume of the bottle is. If it's a 240ml bottle, which it most likely is, you can't get more than 15g total powder into solution. 4ad is hard to dissolve and tops out at about 12g.

  3. can i add anything to the bottele to dissolve the oversaturated powder?
    i want to get 500 mg aday from 4-ad the bottle has 6 gm of 4-ad so i need to add 9 more grams ..........so its 15 grams.........can i just add DMSO and alcohol to dissolve it?

  4. I would try and filter out the fillers first, as they most likely wont dissolve into anything.

    Try to get a very fine meshed metal strainer, soak the cap contents in alcohol, then dump the liquid through the strainer.

    If that doesn't get everything, you can repeat using a coffee filter, but you will most likely lose some active as it soaks into the filter. This should get all the filler out, though.

    Trust me, rubbing filler onto your skin is not fun.
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