Takeing 1 test before bed???

  1. Takeing 1 test before bed???

    Will it keep me up?? I was thinking it would be a good idea to keep test levels high all the time......

    good idea bad idea??

  2. You just want to keep your application times as close to 12hrs apart as possible. If that puts the night one right before bed then so be it. It won't keep you up.... I used to do it... But the longer you can have it on your skin without rubbing some of it off(in bed) the better absorption you will get.. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..
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  3. I was thinking...1-test usually induces lethargy, so it would help you sleep. But, since your applying every 12 hours anyway, it won't make a difference because of the steady stream of it over that period of time.

  4. The lethargy is not instant. It comes after about the 1st week. Then it stays until you come off.. At high doses it sucks... Talk to ya....
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  5. Due to my odd sleeping schedule, sometimes I'd apply really close before bed, but I'd always give it about 30-45 minutes to dry and absorb before going to bed. I didn't notice any problems sleeping when I did this compared to when I applied hours before bed. Like Curt said, the key is applying every 12 hours.

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  6. how many different ways can we say the same thing...here's one more i suppose. ive applied after morning workout (11ish) and close to bed time (10ish) before and now applying after i wake up (5) and late afternoon (4-5) lethargy doesnt hinder more one way or another. again as the previous posters have said, spread your applications evenly, avoiding contact with bed sheets, clothes, water from showering as long as possible.

  7. Different stuff affects people differently.

    Just try it and see how it goes.

  8. I would just stick with the 12 hour intervals.

  9. on my combo of T4 and T1 PRO i'm doing two squirts of T1-pro in the morning and 1 squirt of it at night...

    haven't had any kind of sleeping disorders its harder to wake up tho... i think it may be due to my sheer volume of training; but once i wake up i feel refreshed and strong

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