M-1-T, T-3 and AD4 Cycle

  1. Red face M-1-T, T-3 and AD4 Cycle

    Hey everyone! I am a 47 yo male, have done a cycle of var and now am going to do a cycle of M-1-T, T3 and 4AD. I will be supplementing with Milk Thistle, Ephedra and Caffeine (to combat lethargy). Any recommends on add'l supplementation?

    The cycle will be 2 on and 2 off with Nolva in between. 10mg of M-1-T daily, any recommends on amount of T3 or 4AD?

    I will post journal once I begin.


  2. How in the hell did this end up in the stickies?

  3. It is?

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  4. I am assuming that you are trying to cut since you are using t3. That being the case I would not do only a 2 week cycle as t3 can cause muscle lose. I would add some clen and run at least 6 weeks.

    Clen and t3 are very effective at fat loss. However, more help can be offered once you state you goals so members do not have to make assumptions.

    For liver help, add NAC

  5. Dude you are going to have a heart attack with that ****. M1T, T3, ephedra, you better get your bp checked reguraly.



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