Alright guys need some help.

  1. Alright guys need some help.

    Hey so I came across a few bottles of deca 200mg and tren 75mg. I have a substantial amount of clen aswell, and some testostorone suppliments. Do i need anything else? I dont wanna start taking any of them until i know for sure a good cycle or if i need anything else either. i know deca and tren are bad to take together im not gonna do that but if i did deca then tren afterwards would it be as bad? please help me out and give me some cycling info and any other stuff i need thanks.

  2. try search. not to be mean but you NEED alot of studying if your asking those questions. But if you found good injectable trenbolone at 75mg jump all over that.

  3. Deca takes around 6 weeks before *real gains* start to really show so you will have to run it atleast 10 weeks. You mention running tren right after the deca. Tren is a VERY strong aas and should be only used by very experienced users who need it in order to continue gaining. Tren right after deca would be to long a cycle and would also kick your Natty Hormones A$$!

    You say you have testosterone supplements? You mean real test or some OTC bulltish? If not real Test then forget it.

    Is this your first cycle? It sounds like your new to it so I would just run Test alone for 10 weeks at 400mgs/week.

    Study Post cycle treatment.

  4. I have seen like 4 threads today along asking about steroids as if it was a ringpop, What flava should i get yo? How often should I lickaloli that

    Bust really though, please, tells us more about yourself. Whats your sign?......j/k

    But what about diet, previous experience(lifting and AAS), age, etc....

    Answer these and the big dogs will chime in....and do alot of research on what your thinking of doing to your body.

  5. ^^^ lol

    Should I go with the blue shoes or the red ones? Or both?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Perfection300 View Post
    ^^^ lol

    Should I go with the blue shoes or the red ones? Or both?

    one red and one blue seems good to me, 2 diff color laces tho !!


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