Gonna run Hema/Prop in November, need some advice

  1. Gonna run Hema/Prop in November, need some advice

    So here's the deal, I stand at 5'8, and about a month ago, I weighed in at about 184 lbs. As of two weeks ago, I weighed 170. I don't know how it happened, where it went, or how I did it. I really wanted to know too so I can do it again if I ever need to. I didn't really go on a diet in particular, but I did have an incident where I either drank too much or had some bad turkey (or both, I defrosted the turkey patty, froze it again, and repeated that again before I finally ate it, long story, and right after that we started drinking). What happened was I puked about 7 times in a span of between 3 am and 7 am. I was having dry heaves for about 5 minutes which really ****ing hurt, then after that I started throwing up greenish bile which looked and almost tasted like olive oil. Prior to that I had only thrown up about 4 times in my entire live, I hate it, so that sucked. Sorry for that image but I feel like that may have had something to do with it.

    Anyway, I'm 170 lbs right now, and pretty much the leanest I've ever been, and a four pack is now completely visible. I'm guessing I'm around 14% bf. I want to cut at LEAST 2% more before I go ahead with the stack, and I'm planning on getting two bottles of prop and a bottle of hemadrol. I want to run Prop for 10 days and 90 mg, and then on the 10th day throw hemadrol in at 50 mg until I run out of both. Now here's what I need help with. I really don't want to put on any fat, like ANY fat, so I want to take in around 2200 calories a day approx. 150g of Carbs and 220g of protein. Do you guys think this is too little?

    Also, after I noticed the sudden weight drop I figured I'd take advantage so I've been doing cardio like a horse lately. At least 45 minutes a day, and for the passed couple days I've been going for an hour straight. Right now I eat no more than 85 carbs a day, and I have around 190g of protein. For the carbs I usually kill them off early in the day, except for the banana I have after my workouts which usually end an hour and a half or so before I go to bed. So I'll be doing the same, if not more (most likely more), cardio on the stack in a couple months. Sorry for the novel, I'm a writer and it's hard to not be so detailed.

  2. hemadrol is a clone of halodrol. if you eat right, you will gain muscle and maybe even lose a little fat. i dont' know how many calories you should be eating. assuming you have been losing weight on 2200 calories a day, you could even bump that up a bit during the third and fourth week of hemadrol to gain muscle without gaining much (if any) fat. propadrol seems like a waste of money to me. i wouldn't bother with it.

    what is your experience with otc steroids? that might help us help you.

  3. whats hemadrol ?

  4. prop and tren is your friend !

  5. Just to clear it up, I haven't been eating 2200 calories, that's how much I want to eat when I'm on the cycle. My maintenance is at around 1800, and this is what my average looks like for this month:
    Total Cals: 1,517
    Fats: 40.6 (Sat: 11.6g, Poly:4.6g, Mono: 15.9g) -- 25%
    Carbs: 77g (9.8g Fiber) -- 18%
    Protein: 206.1g -- 57%

    But I should also note that it was not until two days ago in which I found out you should not consume more than 40g of protein in an hour. I had been taking in all that protein in about 3 or 4 meals, and yesterday was the first time I actually split my protein intake through out the day. Instead of having 10.5 oz. of chicken in one sitting, I started to break that up into two separate meals about an hour apart. I'll be doing that consistently from now on though. The reason my sat. fat is so high is because I've been eating a lot of red meat, I'm going to cut that down too.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by edwards View Post
    propadrol seems like a waste of money to me. i wouldn't bother with it.
    what is your experience with otc steroids? that might help us help
    My body actually responds very well to the hema/prop combo. I've taken Epistane, 11-OXO/Prop stack, and my very first stack ever was Hema/Prop, and it's by far been my favorite (could be because it was my first though) I've also taken hemadrol alone, but for some reason when I mix the two, it's like my perfect stack for me. I haven't tried it in a long time, so I'm hoping it'll work out well again. My intention isn't to get as big as I possibly can. My goal is to be like 165-170 lbs at <10% bf. Not looking to get monstrous, just a little more mass and a good amount leaner.

  7. only you can tell how many calories you should eat. as you are gaining during your cycle, keep an eye on your fat deposits. if you are gaining, then cut back on the cals. no two people are the same.


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