Medium term planning

  1. Medium term planning

    I am in the last 3 days of an mdrol cycle. Currently up about 10 pounds and a bit leaner so pretty happy.

    That leaves me at about 180 or so pounds and about 12% BF. My longterm goal is to get a ripped 196 pounds.

    Following pct and a break, I am thinking about running a cycle again in January. I am either going to run mdrol again (although I have M1T and would consider trying it instead) to try to add the extra weight or try cutting, then run a cycle to add mass.

    Am I best going for mass first then cutting? Any thoughts on whether i should run mdrol again or give M1T a pop? I've read M1T can give pretty significant games but is very toxic.

  2. on prohormones ? think about your post. you answered your own question

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