test enan + 1-test cyp cycle?

  1. test enan + 1-test cyp cycle?

    Ok here's my situation..I've got about 14-15ml left from my 50ml bottle of qv enanthate, and enough 25mg loeffler dbols (which actually worked ok for me last time) to run 37.5mg for 4 weeks.

    I've been trying to get in touch with my source the last few months but have been largely unsuccessful, so now I'm left without a source (and no I'm not asking for one!). So I was wondering what you all thought about a test/1-test cycle? Was thinking maybe 375mg qv enan for 8 weeks along with 300mg injectable 1-test cyp a week. And dbol for the first 4 weeks. Would this be an ok lbm stack?

    8 weeks:

    375mg qv test enan/wk
    300mg 1-test cy/wk
    37.5mg dbol/day (first 4 weeks)

    0.5mg ldex eod (developed lumps while running 625mg test enan last time along with 0.5mg ldex and 20mg nolva ed)

    Comments? Suggestions?

  2. stats would be nice

  3. I'm finishing up a test cyp/1-test cyp cycle myself, and I loved it. I have a thread in the Cycles Forum.
    I personally would leave off the D-Bol if I had your reaction to 625 mg test, while running L-Dex and Nolva. I would also look into replacing the L-Dex w/ Aromasin.
    Oh yeah, I'd lower the enanthate enough to get at least ten weeks out of it.

  4. I've run a couple test/deca/dbol cycles in the past (aside from that 625mg incident, no more than 500mg test, 300mg deca, 35mg dbol) and am currently a lean 180lbs at 5'8. First couple cycles were a waste due to inexperience and bad diet (which goes back to the inexperience) but I've got all that in order now. Never had a problem with gyno until I upped the test to 625mg, so I'm sure the "small" test/dbol dose I've got on hand shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm more interested in the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of stacking it with 300-400mg 1-test cyp. I'll most likely go eod injects to keep blood levels constant. I'll take a look at your thread Old Guy..any one else have any experiences with 1-test cyp? Thx!

  5. Im starting my 4th week of 1-test cyp and test prop at 80 mg and 125mg, respectively(both eod). The strength increase has been great along with nice pumps. Ive gained about 10 pounds so far. I have 4 weeks left, so hopefully I can get another 10 pounds. Hope that helps some. Good luck

  6. Wow great results dingling!

    Another quick question for you guys..I've been going through all the methyl-1-test threads here and was wondering what you all thought of using it to jumpstart this cycle (instead of the dbol)? I'm looking for as little water as possible this time around. Thx again!


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