ADD and Anabolics

  1. ADD and Anabolics

    I have found out in the past few months that I've got pathetically low testosterone and have had it for god knows how long. I also have ADD.

    I have yet to start HRT (will be getting on hcg in a month, hopefully) but I am wondering how T levels correlate to ADD. It is well known that low T is a cause of ADD. But I'm wondering, once I start HRT, would it REALLY make a difference in ADD, especially with all the other psychological changes correcting an endocrine dysfunction causes.

    So, for those with ADD and fluctuating T levels, how does a high T level correlate to your ADD? Most importantly, how does high T/unmedicated compare to low T/medicated in terms of ADD control? If you don't mind, please note what medicine you took for ADD and how it felt.

    I'm trying to get an idea of the subjective feel of ADD control with stimulant therapy versus a tuned endocrine system.

    (MODS: I know I'm cross-posting this in two forums but I figure there are two different crowds and many people in here don't ever see the Men's Health forum. Please accept my apologies if this is a problem.)

  2. Anyone?

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