Rubber Cork in Fina?

  1. Rubber Cork in Fina?

    Someone PLEASE tell me that a small bit of rubber cork in my fina conversion is expected!?!

    If not what should I do ... run the solution through the whatman filter?

  2. This sometimes happens when using a multi-use vial as you are consitently putting a needle thru the stopper.
    If the vial was sterile then it should not be a big problem as long as you do not get the rubber in the needle and try and inject it on accident.

    If you are overly concerned, it will not hurt to refilter the oil into another sterile vial.

  3. Thanks bro.. Already done.
    Better to be safe than sorry...with a huge abscess in my ass.

  4. Happens everytime when I do my conversions... the giant 18g cannon leaves a nice pothole and when you a pushing final product through the filter it spits out the little chunk of rubber that got caught inside the pin. Nothing to worry about though... just remember that when you turn the vile upside down the gear will touch the rubber anyway at the top. Aftetr your conversion is finished bake it 3 times at 250 deg for 15 minutes for sterility and you're good to go.

  5. Thanks for the input bouncer....

    Took my first shot yesterday.... 2cc's..
    I'm gonna front-load for the first 4 days then switch to 1 cc EOD.



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