4ad trans...when do i take it?

  1. 4ad trans...when do i take it?

    Hey, Im starting my cycle in a day or 2 of m1t and 4ad trans but was wondering....how should I take the 4ad? Im doing 300mg's a day, so should I break it into 2 doses of 150 ...one in the morning, one before bed? or should I just apply it all in the morning? I have one other problem that I have to work around though. I usually work out at 1130 am and take a shower after my workout...so I was wondering if it would be ok to apply just after that shower instead of my morning shower. hope that makes sense lol

  2. im sorry...its 250 mg's of the 4-ad

  3. No offense, but I had a look at your pictures on bb.com and you definitely look like you're not ready for m-1-t or phs for that matter.

  4. I can't access BB.com from work, so do you care to elaborate as to why you think that?

  5. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...hread****183348

    You also said you were 21yrs 165lb 5'10" starting bodybuilding. Your pics looks like you're a rank novice. Again no offence Cortez but you should read Rumsteels thread on bb and see his result just by gaining naturally.

  6. Oh well the stats tell it some. However that website is blocked from my work.

    So cortez, have you ever done PH's before?

    Also in his defense, most people never do Ph's and jump into the sauce, I'm not saying it is right or safe, I am just stating a fact.

  7. To answer your question you should be applying it twice a day and as close to 12 hours apart as possible after a shower.

    You should already know this before even attempting a cycle.

  8. No, I've never done ph's before but I was talking to chemo about this and he thought this would be a good, safe ph cycle for a beginner in his opinion.

  9. also...im just a really slow gainer naturally. Im just trying to add some mass in a shorter time period


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