Please Help, swollen injection sites

  1. Please Help, swollen injection sites

    I am on a cycle of boldenone and mastabol200. Im 3 weeks in and started by injecting only in my glutes. Last week after i injected a combined bold, and masta i developed a swollen area. It was tender and sore for a few days but did not increase in size or become red. This seems to be happening every time i inject into by butt. Could it be because im not getting that 1 1/2" needle into the muscle. Please help! Is it possible that the body can reject the hormone? Im going to start shooting into my thigh. I thought rotating glutes on a 3 times a week injection schedule would be ok.


  2. Is it a knot? No heat or redness? If so, try massaging it in a hot shower. I used to get those from Omna. If it gets red or hot see a Dr.

  3. my cyp shots are sore the next day but it goes away after a couple days

  4. If you're not getting it into the muscle, you're going to be heading for trouble real soon...since your only using two injection sites, if the injects havent made it into the muscle, you are going to be looking at a sterile abcess soon.

    More likely, the gear you are using is just painful. Lets face it, most of the stuff out there now is just not pharm quality, and is painful as hell.

    be careful


  5. How much are you injecting at once? FWIR, injections of higher volume are more likely to yield pain (soreness) than lower volume injections.

    I'm not 100% positive about this though...
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  6. If you inject a higher volume into a smaller muscle group it can do that....


  7. Hmm, didn't know that part. Thanks for that feedback, I'm sure it will be helpful for some to know that.
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  8. so far no redness, just a knot. Seems to get better after a week or so. I'm thinking its because I'm not getting into deep enough tissue. It does burn a little. I'm going for the thigh or should I wait for the swelling to go down on my ass cheeks.


  9. Try the thigh...Do you have a fat ass?

  10. if u are using 1 1/2 inch pins u should be getting into the muscle easily. is the afflicted area swollen in the muscle or is their a bunch of fluid in the subq space? muscles get swollen sometimes when u pin, is not a big deal.

  11. also, this might sound dumb but ive seen it happen. Are u using all of the needle? it should be buried, nothing stickin out

  12. That's a bit of a generalization, isn't it? I'm just clarifying in case somebody is injecting in other areas or using various sized needles.

    I get what you are saying though...and along the same lines, an unsteady hand that moves around a lot could add to the discomfort later, right?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  13. ok, im back from doing stuff with the wife. i now have a red spot about the size of a piece of pepperoni. i do not have a fat ass, im about 12% bf. i think im going to the doc tomorrow. its now in both cheeks. now i am using a 1 1/2 pin 23 g. and usually have about 1/2 in of needle showing when i inject.

  14. OK...I do not want to panic you, but that does not sound good....Ive seen an abcess on the glute, on the quad, and on the calf...that is exactly how they all started...I would certainly take a trip to the doc to squash it before it gets too late, if in fact it is an abcess. At this stage, he shoud be able to treat it with some Levaquin...Keep us posted.


  15. I'd definitely go to the doc bro...if it is red and swollen that is bad....listen to holy.

  16. Redness gone, i sat on a moist hot compress last night. Swelling isnt really down though. Im going in. Just hate to tell the doc the reason for this, but wtf. Im thinking of stopping my cycle of equi and mast till im better. But will continue gh. So what about being on an antibiotic while on aas? Does anyone know anything about this?

  17. Does it hurt to walk? I just went to the doctor on tuesday due to a infection I got on sunday doing a quad injection. The swelling is now almost gone, its not red/hot anymore. I think a day or two more taking the klefex or whatever it is she prescribed me will put me back to 100% Better see a doctor fast before it gets too bad.

  18. Hey, I have no redness and it doesnt seem to be getting worse. im going to the doc in a few. ill keep you all posted on what is prescribed and how it works.

  19. Well, now it sounds like its NOT an infection...when you indicated it had formed a large pepperoni size red spot, that didnt sound good...

    Its so hard to tell these things over the internet because some guys have less pain tolerance than others, and some people naturally lean towards the hypochondriac side...

    keep us posted.

  20. Just got back from the doc. As expected was given a prescript for an antibiotic. The doc says not to worry should take a couple of weeks to clear up. Thanks everyone for there input it was very helpful.

    in good health

  21. glad to hear that u will be okay, but on the other hand why would u use a 1 1/2 inch pin if u leave a third of it stickin out. do you leave part of your 1 inch pins stickin out when u inject in other sites? these need to be DEEP im injections...bury that needle. not sayin this is what caused your problem but.....

  22. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    That's a bit of a generalization, isn't it? I'm just clarifying in case somebody is injecting in other areas or using various sized needles.

    I get what you are saying though...and along the same lines, an unsteady hand that moves around a lot could add to the discomfort later, right?
    yes i apologize, that was a generalization. i thought we were refering only to the op's afflicted area.

  23. cant you hit bone if you bury it too deep, in say your quad? I am not in the medical field, and never really though about thickness of muscle between the bone and epidermic layer.


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