First Time Cycle Need Advice Please

  1. First Time Cycle Need Advice Please

    Hey guys im new to the site, my names Joe but I'm asking for some advice here.
    I recently recieved 400 x 5mg of Noposim, and 20 x Clomid.
    I took this chart that was made for taking 10mg pills over a period of 10 weeks 7 days a week, and changed it for taking 5mg pills. My question is, one when should I take these pills? By week 5-6 it shows I should be taking 10 pills which equals 50mg that day. When should I take the pills through out the days? Just wanna make sure i'm doing this right, ill attach the jpeg. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have. My workout plan is monday-friday with running everyday, and on different days working differents parts of the body after running. Saturdays and sundays off, so let me know if its a little over kill but I would like to continue to work out everyday. Thanks for your time, hope to get some feedback.
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  2. Your going to kill your liver and insides , Why dont you just take injections

  3. First thing, take that chart and throw it in the garbage....You do not need or want to run dbol that long, and there certainly isnt a need to taper it up and then back down. If you have 400 tabs, I would take 40mgs ED.....that will last you 7 weeks. 40mgs is not sky high, but high enough to give you what you want. 7 weeks is actually a little long, so you could even cut that short, I just wanted to show how long you could actually go with what you have on hand. You can split the dose up into 4 tabs taken twice a day, or just take all 8 at once, maybe at lunch...Its going to be very miniscule the difference you see.


  4. Thanks for the feedback, so I should just with 40mg a day for about 7 weeks? and take all the pills at once? I was considering injecting but i never stuck myself lol, and where im at, i cant let anyone in on the roid use. I only plan on using this one cycle and thats it... I hope I mean you guys can tell me how addicting it is, but I think I can control the addiction. Any other suggestions? Im not going to start the cycle for another 2 weeks, as of now im gonna trash that chart, and stick with the 40mg a day taking all 8 at lunch. Let me know if there is any other ideas. Thanks for the comments guys.

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