Methyl 4OHN

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  1. Methyl 4OHN

    Saw on another board that Instynct 999 is offering this......described as a souped up version of Oxandrolone (Anavar). Has anyone heard this, and do you have an e-mail addy for this guy?

  2. You got me curious so i had to find it. Hes on and heres a link to the methyl 4-ohn. looks like its not in stock yet but you can order and it will ship when it comes in.

  3. It says for the methylated hormones that they are in solution. Are we supposed to drink the methylated compounds?

  4. You can drink methylated compounds, the c-17aa protects them from being destroyed by gastric enzymes..

    I don't see any reason to make this drinkable, I'd rather either pin or have tabs..

  5. Yelis, cool site but those prices are insane.

  6. Holy crap, that is EXPENSIVE!

    Has anybody done business with this company? Know anything about them?

    Is 4-ohn available right now from anybody besides Promatrix (Oxabol)?

  7. Instynct is reliable and knows what he's doing. No worries there.

    I can't comment on prices though since I haven't checked what the going price of the raws are. Ns or LG might know....
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  8. Yeah I cant really comment personally on the newer compounds that they are offering, but even the more common things are rediculously overpriced. $10 for 1 gram of yohimbine hcl?? Im sure instynct has good stuff but im also sure that mike does too for half the price.

  9. Damn, those life research prices are insane

    I think they are liquid to fit into the "research" category like nolva and clomid.

    I sure wish someone with reasonable pricing would market it......and get all you lab monkeys to test it

  10. They're liquid because it's cheaper and easier to make them and get accurate dosing.

  11. so 1 gram in a soluotion will last about a month at 30 mg a day that will equal 300 mg oxandrolone as he is claiming , but i doubt thr results !



    27x as anabolic as Methyltest and 5x as androgenic.
    Potency of 5mg is equivalent to ~ 50mg Oxandrolone "

    is this true !

    so if you take 300 mg a day orally will that be the same cause it is much cheaper ! his prices are insane , more expensive than any real gear for 300 bucks per gram ?

  12. Who would use 300mg of var a day?

    If it was 10 times as potent at Var which I doubt you would only need 5mg per day. That would last you 200 days at a gram. That would be unreal cheap for var. 50 mg of var for 200 days straight would cost 10 times what you would pay for this product.

    If its near as effective as they claim its dirt cheap.

  13. It definitly sounds to good to be true but remember what everyone was saying about M-1-T. It could really be extremly effective and if it is then the price isnt really all that bad. Ill play guinea pig if someone wants to donate some to me.


  14. It is not structurally like anavar which is seeming to cause some confusion.
    The simliarity to anavar is that it supposedly has a similar A:A ratio.

    Making it as an oral solution makes dosing easier. About the price i am not sure whether it is a good deal or not as it is not cheap at those prices.

  15. "27x as anabolic as methyl 1-t" imagine that ****

  16. Didn't somebody on this board say that they tried to order this same compound (bulk raw material) and it was seized?

  17. Some things are expensive but 100 mL of tamoxifen citrate at 40mg/mL is pretty damn cheap.

  18. Originally posted by supersoldier
    Didn't somebody on this board say that they tried to order this same compound (bulk raw material) and it was seized?

  19. I see the price being equal to 1-MT. From legal gear its $80 for 80 pills of 10mg equaling 800mg.

  20. I guess the real test then is to see IF 5 mg 4OHN = 50 mg Anavar. If that was true, a $90 vial would last 50 days.....certainly viable.

    Now where are those lab testing monkeys when you need them

  21. First of all it is not 27X as anabolic. Vida sights it at somewhere around 13 at the high point if I remember correctly. It also means simply that you need 13 times less to get the same anabolic response.

    Finally, although I think this compound has merit, unless you want to squirt milk from your fat tits, you might want to watch the progestenic sides... Vitex is the strongest anti progesterone/prolactin on the market which isn;t that strong. You think I am nuts for bringing out Methyl 4-AD? We have great anti-e products. No one knows the side effects of methyl 4OHN.


  22. Methyl-4ohn is a good compund, but not to the extent they are claiming. Believe me I did a ton of research on this (I was bringing it out before it was seized) and to tell you the truth, It wont touch methyl-1test. It is also no where near as potent (10 times as potent as var) as they are claiming. Imho, it isnt even going to give gains near 'var, they are similar, but very different as well.

    It also is technically illegal, but I wish him the best....

  23. Also, the price is crazy, methyl-4ohn costs roughly $7 a gram for the raw....

  24. Originally posted by nsruffryder34

    It also is technically illegal, but I wish him the best....
    Maybe this is why his price is high.

  25. Is it illegal because its a nandrolone derivative?


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