Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml ??

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  1. Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml ??

    What's Up Bro's,

    Another Fina Question.. this time Trenbolone Enanthate.
    I'm just curious of what a theoretical cycle would look like using this.

    1) Since it's a long lasting ester, would you only inject once a week or more often?

    2) If you're only injecting once a week would 200mgs be enough (I'm sure it would for a first-timer, but how about an experienced user?)

    Anyone with experience with Trenbolone Enanthate, please feel free to chime in!

  2. two very good questions...
    I think you are correct about the 1st question. Once a week is enough bt you might want to divide you shot so you keep your blood levels more stable..
    as for the second I am not for sure.. bump that one for someone that has some experience with it..

  3. FishBonz
    FishBonz's Avatar

    I agree with Matthew about doing twice a week injects to keep your blood levels more stable.

    A good first time dose of Tren Acetate is 75mg eod. So of you're using Tren Enanthate, you should be using approx 300mg per week done in two injections of 150mg. That comes out to 42.8mg per day. That should prove to be very effective for a first timer.

    How long of a cycle are you planning.

    Also, are you using any Test at all with your cycle? If you are, than good. If not, I would highly recommend it.

  4. Thanks for the info bros...

    Fishbonz- I was considering taking 200mgs of primo per week with this cycle.. does that sound effective?

    The reason I've chosen primo is because it is anabolic and not androgenic whereas TE is both anabolic and androgenic.

    I've heard that stacking 2 androgenic compounds at once is bad Ju-Ju.
    Do you agree?

  5. I do not know your cycle history but 200mg of Primo for a male is very low. I know females (not a flame) who use 100-200mg weekly. I really think with primo you need at least 300mg weekly.

    For Tren enanthate, injections should be only once or twice weekly. A dosage of 200mg really is not enough, again I think 300mg would be the minimum. Just think that some people use TA at 100mg ed.

    If you choose to use fina, I would suggest adding at least some test even if it is only 250mg weekly.

  6. Thanks for your input size.

    To be honest with you I had a feeling that 200mgs a week of primo is low & you just confirmed it.
    Right now I'm on cycle with the following:
    500 mgs TE (every week)
    200 mgs Primo(every week)
    50 mgs Winny Depot (EOD)

    By the way.... I've heard that taking Winny w/ Tren can cause complications.. Is that just my imagination?

    You recommend test, right? What are the benifits that test brings to the table when cycling with Tren?

  7. Test should really be in 98% of all cycles(I would say 100% but nothing is certain). Adding test to tren can alleviate some of the sides that can come along with tren such as a serious decrease in libido. Also, adding only 250mg of test can even add additional gains to your cycle.

    Winny and tren can be used together. It is a very effective cobo actually. Test, winny, and tren is very effective.

  8. Thanks bro... Those were great answers to my questions! Things are starting to come together now.

    Which ester of Test do you think would be best used in conjunction with Trenebolone Enan.?

    I'm thinking that, in this case, Test Enanthate (because of the similar esters), rather than the Test Prop (commonly used with tren) would be most effective and require less injections.

    Also... I'm beginning to think that Tren Enan. is beginning to complicate things at the (small) cost of not having to inject everyday.
    I say this because if I decided to use winny with the cycle... I'd still have to inject, at least, EOD.

    Does anyone know if the results of Tren Acetate and Tren Enan. have been compared? Has anyone tried both? Was it worth the effort or the cost in your opinion?

  9. I prefer test enanthate mainly n/c i use human grade stuff and i do not like ed or eod injections.

    Just b/c you are using winny does not mean you ahve to inject ed or eod. just drink it.

  10. Drink it.... Out of the ampule??? That's interesting..
    In that case, bulk winny powder may be a good investment...
    Tell me more Bro! How effective is this practise over injecting?

  11. Winny orally is only slightly less effective than inejcting b/c it is a 17aa product. I hate winny injections as they leave me sore. I have done both drinking and injecting and to be honest i really have not noticed a difference.

    To drink, just draw up with a syringe and squirt into your mouth.

  12. Check! Got it bro....

    I know that it's probly listed elsewhere in the forum .... but how long can winny be taken orally... Safely of course.

  13. I wouldnt run it for more than 4 weeks without liver value tests personally I get liver value tests even on 4 week oral cycles

  14. Thanks Bro. Is that the common concensus among most, or is that playing it extra safe?

  15. 4 weeks on winny is not that long and a rather conservative time frame. However when your health is in question being conservative is a wise choice.

  16. hey there im new to this site how do you post a new question?
    and can anyone tell me if 300mg of tren enan with 250mg of test enan is enough a week and should i breake it into two shots

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Blatalian View Post
    Thanks Bro. Is that the common concensus among most, or is that playing it extra safe?

    after four weeks it starts to play hell on your joints too.
  18. Emkay237
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    nonononono... dont drink the winny, yes its water based and yes you are able to take water based AAS orally but dont.. you WILL get sides if you are prone and you WILL lose potency. Winny is ONLY used if you are already at a low BF% if you arnt then its not gunna do much of anything. Primo should be ran ATLEAST 600mg's E/W for a male and for atleast 8 weeks you wont see anything at 300mg's.. It seems like your trying to cut and im assuming your experienced because Tren is NOT for the inexperienced.. IMO your cycle should look something like this if your dead set on using these compunds. This is assuming your experienced..

    1-10 test prop 100mg-150mg-200mg eod
    1-8: tren ace 75mg eod
    1-4: tbol 50mg ed
    5-10: masteron 100mgs eod
    clen/albueterol 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
    1-7: t3 50-70mcgs ed

    If your not experienced DROP THE TREN.. if your trying not to be a human pin cusion you can cut with a longer ester as well. Test E is just fine, if you want to cut down on bloat you can run the cycle along with 100mg's of proviron ED or even .25mg's-.50mg's of Adex EOD. If your looking for less frequent pinning and this is one of your first few cycles try..

    1-12 Test E 500mg's EW (pin250monday/250thurs)
    1-4 Tbol 40-50mg's ED
    8-14 Winstrol 100mg's EOD
    5-14 T3 50-75mcg's ED
    1-14 Adex .50mg's ED
    15-18(or longer) PCT
    Clomid: 50/50/50/50
    Nolva: 40/40/20/20

    This is simple and if you cant get shredded with proper diet and training on this cycle then theres something wrong IMHO. If your dead set on Tren E.. use it weeks 1-8 400mg's EW split into 2 injections same days as test. If your going to preload both compounds in the same syringe put the Tren in first so when you pin the Test is first to go into your body. GL

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