i'm new here got a ?

  1. i'm new here got a ?

    ok this might be a long thread so here goes.
    I will be doing my first 1-test/4ad stack mix just wanted to let everyone see if i'm not screwing up on anything.
    120ml bottle that will contain the followings:
    40% ISO 48ml
    15% IPP 18ml
    15% IPM 18ml
    10% OA 12ml
    10% PG 12ml
    10% DMSO 12ml
    with 500mg 1-testosterone powder
    10g of 4-ad
    will put all of the above in a 4-6oz bottle and get a spray pump
    will apply twice day so dose should be at 20mg/400mg of 1-test/4ad
    this should last me 50 days right?
    is the 4-ad dosed to high?

    this will not be for me but for a friend of mine that just wants to try it out so i will fix it for him.

    anything you guys want to add?

    thanks a bunch guys!

  2. I'm thinking that my calculations are off. any help

  3. You'll never get 10g of 4 AD in a 4 ounce bottle. The maximum is approx. 7.5 g of total hormone in a 4 ounce bottle. Additionally, many complain about 4 AD having an upper limit of 5 to 6 grams in 4 ounces.

    Also, why even bother only having 0.5 g of 1-test in there? For reference, BDC's T1-final (4 ounce version) has 2.5g 4AD and 2.5g 1-test, and BDC's T1-Pro (4 ounce version) has 2.5g 4AD and 5.0g 1-test.

    For more info, you can click on the link in my sig and after downloading the zip file you can play around with the Excel spreadsheet that has a ph/ps summary chart, a transdermal calc, 2 transdermal recipes, and some sample stacks.


  4. Ok i got realy mixed up with two product, 1-test and m-1-test
    so here is what i plan on doing:

    1-test 12g
    4ad 12g
    40% ISO is 96ml
    15% IPP is 36ml
    15% IPM is 36ml
    10% OA is 24ml
    10% PG is 24ml
    10% DMSO is 24ml
    that will give me 50mg/ml of both 1-tes and 4-ad for a long 60 days right?
    should apply 2ml in morning and 2ml at night to make 200mg/200mg
    what size of bottle will all of that fit in?? 8oz?12oz?
    sorry for all the question guys but i'm still learning on the prohormones issue and dont want to mess anything up

  5. If you're planning to make one 240 ml (8 ounce) bottle of 1-test, and one 240 ml bottle of 4-AD then you're OK.

    If you're planning to make one 480 ml (16 ounce) bottle containing 12g of 1-test and 12g of 4-AD then you're OK.

    If you're planning to cram 24g in one 240 ml bottle then you'll have several (probably 9) grams of ph/ps undissolved (which is a total waste of money). When you try to apply it, you'll feel like you're applying liquid sandpaper to your skin. Additionally, the undissolved ph/ps will clog up your spray nozzle and tube leading to it.


  6. tatortodd Thx for replying bro. your help is much appreciated
    you answered my question and now I understand
    cheers to you(protein shake) lol


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