Was looking for anabolicminds.com, but...

  1. Was looking for anabolicminds.com, but...

    I seem to have stumbled onto the forum at isthereanythingouttherebesides methyl-1-test.com?

  2. heh. It'll die down. Like the THG threads; notice they're rampant all over the other boards?

  3. It seems to be an exciting new product. I'm sure guys will revert soon enough. You know how hype is in this game.

  4. I've got news for ya.......

    If M 1-T keeps working like it does now, this WILL be the M 1-T forum

    Seriously, have you EVER seen a legal compound give these levels of results?

  5. I think 1test/4ad is good enough for me...

  6. just wait til people start using LG's new 4AD+...that'll own these boards once that gets around


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