Epistane libido issues

  1. Epistane libido issues

    I am on my final day of my epistane cycle. on thursday i was having sex and my erection would not stay long and i am worried. i started to take horny goat weed 2 days ago. what other supplements can i take? i have noldadex as my serm for pct. during pct will i be recovered from this or will this be after?. do i buy any support supplements or what?

  2. i made a mistake in not taking saw palmetto during the cycle i only took Hawthorne berry and milk thistle. can i start taking the saw palmetto immediately and notice the change or did i miss up completely?

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    all adivce is appreciated. thanks

  4. If you have a real SERM you should bounce back fast. A week I'm guessing. Use a test booster too.

  5. Dont worry about the Saw... You are at the end of your cycle. Run a real SERM, and you will recover pretty quickly. Try getting some long jack in the mean time for a good LH stimulation.. this should raise your libido nicely, and couple that with taking away the estrogen supressive aspect of Epi, you should be golden.

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  6. thanks for your post adams i was very afraid about this. well before i read your post i purchased some saw palmetto. would it hurt to take it anyways during pct? yeah i have nolvadex on me already today was my last day and 2m i start my pct. going to run a cortisol control on 3rd week. do u suggest running 30/20/10/10 or would 20/20/10/10 be fine? also what long jack product do u recommend? ejaculoid or what? 2m ima go purchase some. and how fast do u think i will recover? thanks for your help

  7. btw what do you mean by lh stimulation?

  8. thanks for your response 2 metal man. would tribulus terristis be enough in a long jack product?

  9. Long Jack is a herb, it stimulates Lutenizing Hormone (sp?) which stimulates the testes. Raising test basically. Dose 1 Tablespoon of Coconut oil before bed to give your body the necessary lipids for DHEA/Test building blocks. I do 40/40/20/20, but that is me, and you may be fine at your dosages, that is just the range I am used to. You can find a basic Long jack herb pretty much anywhere, I really dont have a specific one.

    And Saw is always good. Keeps that old prostate healthy. And helps with male pattern baldness if you are prone.

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