Hello all....PEG-200 or PEG-400?

  1. Question Hello all....PEG-200 or PEG-400?

    Wow, itís been awhile since Iíve been around here, but good to be back! Iím trying to make an oral/injectable formula here is the question>

    I understand that the solubility of PEG-200/400 with steroids is based on the molecular weight of the steroid; is this correct?

    If so then what is the case with d-bol, which has a molecular weight of 300.44? Would it dissolve better in PEG-200 or -400? Shall I use a 50/50 mix of both in order to obtain a higher mg/ml concentration?

    I assume that base steroids such as tren, test, eq which all have a weight less than 290 would dissolve best in PEG-200, correct? Help me out here... thanks. -Your Endo

  2. Somebody?

    What do you guys think? Chemo? Curt2go?

    BTW, I know that lemelange dosent carry PEG-200, so who does? -Your Endo

  3. I'm working on a couple of local suppliers so I can complement my product line (now I have a legit reason for ordering). Tried to order couple months ago from a major chem supplier; they called back and cancelled my order because my (BS) usage wasn't "approved for use by the EPA"... HAHAHA. I've got a legit reason now, and a business starting to back it up.
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  4. Hello

    Whats up GIjoe

    I made this post about 2 months ago!

    Hey is that your own website? .... Shoot me an email. -Your Endo
  5. PEG-200

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  6. go to chemical anarchy.com animal has peg 200 in stock right now


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