First PH: Epsitane/Perfect Cycle/AX

  1. Question First PH: Epsitane/Perfect Cycle/AX



    Perfect cycle:
    2 caps a day


    activate xtreme

    or is it better to simply pulse Epistane = less sides?

  2. Well my sounds like you should probably do a little more research...Not trying to be ignorant,just helpful.

    Have you looked at the thread "OTC PCT GUIDE" or checked out Neoborn's epistane faq or even IBE's forum section on AM

    If you haven't I would start there

    Good luck

  3. well i do have an AI:

    rebound reloaded, but only 30 caps?

    Ingredients: White Button Mushroom Extract, Flax Seed Oil Powder, 6-Bromotase (6-bromo-3,17-dioxoetioallocholane).

  4. Might as well spend more money for support supplements and for your PCT. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Your pct isn't going to cut it.
    If you're going to do an OTC PCT, try this, I guess.

    Post Cycle Support
    Lean Xtreme
    Activate Xtreme

    You could also throw in something like Inhibit-E.

    And for support while you're on cycle..

    Super Cissus RX (Epi/Havoc cause joint dryness.)
    Taurine (To prevent back/calf pumps.)
    Cycle Support
    Pantothenic Acid (Optional. Prevents acne that is caused by Epi.)

    OH, and about the pulsing. If you want to save some money, then do a pulse cycle. Yes, there are less sides, and you don't need AS much for PCT. But, that DOES NOT mean that you don't need a proper PCT.

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