Steroids and Drug Tests

  1. Steroids and Drug Tests

    I am on probation(unrelated charges) and I have to take drug tests and I am in the middle of a stanozolol cycle and I was wondering if it will show up on the tests? They are just urine tests tho. I read that it will only show up in they run steroid drug panels.

  2. they are more than likely looking for the common recreational drugs and not steroids. Who knows though

  3. i'm pretty sure unless they are specifically looking for steroids, it will only test for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and pcp

  4. like he said though... who knows

  5. yea i know a guy who was being testet for some charges that happend. and he was on deca and nothing happend

  6. Sometimes if you are on probation for a steroid offense, they will stipulate in your probation that you be tested for that. You should have it in your probation papers that your PO gave you. Otherwise, they just do a regular 10 panel that doesnt include steroids.


  7. I took a home drug test once, which was the same kind of drug test that most probation departments use, as I was worried about almost the same thing as you are. The test doesn't act up at all. It tests for the usual marijuana, opiates, cocaine, different narcotics, and methamphetamines. I'd say you're safe. Unless, of course, you were charged with possessing anabolic steroids, or dealing them. If the charges weren't steroid-related, then you have nothing to worry about. Just don't make it obvious once you start putting on ridiculous size.


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