2 week m1t cycle and no pct?

  1. 2 week m1t cycle and no pct?

    okay i have read many diff views on this matter but still don't understand this...

    Some are saying to use clomid/nolva or whatever after 2 week m1t cycles, and then others are saying you won't need it b/c 2 weeks isn't long enough to shut you down.

    what is your opinion?

  2. i say better safe than sorry. Using something for PCT will still help keeps whatever gains you made on cycle

  3. I'm using clomid in the week after, again better safe than sorry IMO. I could tell from the typical loss of libido and such that my natty test was shut down. I'm not stacking it with anything BTW

  4. definitely shuts you down after 2 weeks - i did one week of nolva post cycle. the way i can tell is when i come off - when i shoot a load it is small. i am on day 3 of my 2nd 2 weeker and my load is f^ck!ng huge again

  5. It will definitely shut you down. If you're fairly young you can bounce back easier.

  6. I plan on doing a 3-4 week cycle of M1T @ 10mg/ed. I probably will stack with 4-ad (400mg)--not sure though. when and what should pct look like. should i do standard clomid(200*1, 100*10, 50*10). I would think to start like the day after I finish( so like 1 day inbetween).
    what do you guys think? thanks


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