To Blacksmith, K, and John

  1. To Blacksmith, K, and John

    Since the R.I.P. One+ thread was closed before I could respond to the posts addressing me, I will respond here.

    First, to Blacksmith, who felt it appropriate to call me a dumbass. Here's what he had to say:

    When the law suit hits you'll be up to your eyeballs in cases.
    It's not a matter of if.... it's a matter of when, dumbass.

    Exactly what is responsible PH use LOL ?
    What if the kid is 13 or 15 .

    You still sell to those kids too.
    WTF are you talking about? What lawsuit?? What does that have to do with what I said??

    I said prohormones, if used responsibly, pose no more risks for an 18+ year old than a 21+ year old.

    What is responsible use?? Hmmm, let's see, how about using it according to directions??

    If the kid is 13 or 15, he has no business using prohormones, and maybe mommy and daddy should pay more attention to what junior is doing.

    Don't call me a dumbass, I have a feeling I'm a lot smarter than you. BTW, did you find that 18 year old that has severe, irreversible side effects yet??

    To K, yes, Par has a financial motivation to write such an article. However, is financial gain the only motivation there is? Certainly not, as homebrew has shown. So why would there need to be a financial motive to write an article for homebrew? There isn't. The entire ideal behind homebrew is to "do it yourself" and to "help out the bros". Well, what better way to help out the bros then writing an article explaining why homebrew is a better choice than anything else. Sure, you can have a "this is the way it is, and if you don't like it we don't give a rat's ass" attitude, but if you're going to "help out the bros", then why not do it to the best of your ability by writing an article to show them why homebrew is the best? And, you would add credibility to your cause at the same time.

    BDC said he doesn't want to do that because it is best to keep a low profile, and I can certainly understand that point.

    John, there are no double blind studies with Par's transdermals. However, obviously he feels he has gathered enough evidence to back what he is saying. You may not agree with what he's saying, but the fact remains that he has a solid piece with references; something nobody in Homebrew Land has. And, from recently using his products myself, and judging from all the various feedback, he probably isn't too far off.

  2. This thread is going to get uggly. That is his responce, no name calling or anything.. Very good SSX... But thread closed......... Everyone be nice..... Talk to ya...
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