H-drol and 3-AD advice

  1. H-drol and 3-AD advice

    Hi all,

    Anyone tried stacking these two? been searching for ages and can't find any kind of reference to the two together??

    ive tried Halodrol 50 and H-Drol with decent gains, aswell as EPI (Good gains but got shedding on a pulse at 40mg)

    I have M-Drol but having spent hours reading about the gyno rebound issues/harshness im not going to run it...not worth the risk for me.

    If you were to stack H-drol and 3-ad how would you dose?

    H-drol 50/50/50/50/75 and then maybe after the 1st week dose the 3-ad @ 4 caps a day for 4 weeks?

    Would hairloss generally be an issue with 3-AD?

    Obviously a proper PCT would be run after including a SERM.

    im 185lbs, 205 at my biggest before my last cut!

    Any advice appreciated!

  2. H-drol should not cause any hairloss problems it did not for me anyways and I amvery prone to MPB. Do not know much about 3 AD
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