Since dosing questions keep coming up and it is kind of an interesting topic, how about some thoughts on dosing guidelines? Here's what it looks like to me, in this ballpark anyway. These are all daily applied in lotion without DMSO, since I have zero guess on that.

1-test. 1 mg/lb BW is good. 0.8 mg/lb BW is good for first cycle. Above 1.2 mg/lb BW sides go up more than gains.

4-AD. 1.5 mg/lb BW is minimum for keeping the small head working and the big head awake. 2 mg/lb BW is good for gains. Above 3 mg/lb BW no added benefit.

What are your thoughts? Are tehre optimum ratios between the two? Are there minimums or maximums that are independent of body size? It would be good if the bros who have done multiple cycles would give some insight on what they noticed.