Methyl 1 test/steriod cycle......

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  1. Originally posted by conan
    up 2 more lbs, at a total of 8 lbs. in 2 and half weeks.......all at a dose of 20 mgs of methyl 1-test and 100 mgs test suspension/200 mgs of test prop EOD..........
    yeah these are more realistic results for us "average" folks hehe.. that sounds like the results i saw..

  2. i can't stop eating!!!! i feel so bloated from packing away the food but i am getting my 400 g of protein and 5000 cal a day......i have **** 3 times today.........time for a shake, and some ben and jerry's....later

  3. week 4, i have kept the methyl1test at 20 mg a day but have dropped the suspension and added a 100mg of test prop extra to a total of 300 mg EOD weight is up to 275 but still alittle bloated from the holidays......later


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