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    Here is a so called study I found on yahoo about how bad steriods are. Its funny because the study reads that high dosages of steroids are bad. I think we already know that. The question is what kind of dosages were used in the study? Where is the study that uses normal dosages? You gotta love it.

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Male bodybuilders who take muscle-building anabolic steroids risk sexual problems, reduced fertility and heart trouble, a study confirms.


    Among bodybuilders who voluntarily started taking anabolic steroid pills or shots for the first time, repeated testing over two years showed a dip in levels of male hormones, shrunken testicles, low sperm counts, enlarged breasts, and low blood levels of heart-healthy HDL-cholesterol.

    Professor Antonio Bonetti from the University of Parma, Italy and colleagues report their findings in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

    "Our investigation peers into the world of gyms and bodybuilding, which has often been investigated, but about which it is difficult to gather information because of the conspiracy of silence surrounding the use of illegal substances," Bonetti and colleagues write.

    All 22 of the bodybuilders approached for the study were warned about the potential health risks and harmful effects of high doses of anabolic steroids, the researchers explain, and, as a result of this counseling, two decided against using steroids.

    During the study, seven of the remaining 20 bodybuilders stopped taking steroids and withdrew from the study for a variety of reasons including emotional ups and downs, depression, aggressiveness, sexual problems and family problems.

    "We observed severe psychological disturbances with behavioral and relationship problems: emotional inconstancy, lack of motivation during training and at work, apathy, depression, aggressiveness, the rebound effect following drug suspension, symptoms of paranoia, sexual dysfunction and family problems," Bonetti noted in an e-mail to Reuters Health.

    "These problems led one subject to alcohol abuse and another to psychiatric drug therapy; in one body-builder, symptoms of clinical depression (diagnosed before) worsened following anabolic-androgenic steroid use and he was hospitalized," the researcher added.

    "The most important modification observed was impairment in the lipid profile associated with an increased cardiovascular risk," Bonetti said. Levels of "good" HDL cholesterol fell during steroid administration, as did levels of Apo-**. Low levels of the blood protein Apo-** have been linked to an increased risk of heart attack.

    Another "important long-term adverse effect" of anabolic steroid use was reduced fertility, consistent with prior studies. The bodybuilders experienced a significant decrease in sperm count and "fertility index."

    SOURCE: International Journal of Sports Medicine, September 2008.

  2. Steroids are the heroin of our generation....sometime in the future the pendulum will sway back, but for now, if you use gear you might as well use heroin or crack.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by holyintellect View Post
    Steroids are the heroin of our generation....sometime in the future the pendulum will sway back, but for now, if you use gear you might as well use heroin or crack.

    Excellent point

    there are lots of things that can hurt you; When there abused. It all comes down to knowing how to use them, and when to use them.... Ahh knowledge is the key my friends...Stay tuned to AM

  4. I am still trying to figure out why cigarettes are still legal. They can do more damage in lower dosages in the long term than steroids can do in higher dosages in the long term. Did that sound right? lol

    I will be prepping for my cycle soon. That article didn't do a thing for my decision. Heck if i were one of the ones being studied, I would have gladly taken the unused supply from the ones who stopped.

  5. i think sexual dysfunction and reduced fertility are probably the most overlooked long term side effect from AAS use.

  6. Well I guess one should have all the kids they want before the long term effects take effect.. As for the sexual dysfunction, that's another issue.


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