Cuttin in tha spring

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    Cuttin in tha spring

    Hi everyone. Got a stupid question for you. Im currently on test e 500mg ew, bold 400mg ew, for winter. Ive run 3 cycles in past. I want to cut in spring . I have t-3 ,& clen . Do i run the same amount of aas mgs , or can i run less cause im cutting? I plan on running test pro. & tren or master. Any suggestions? Thanks guys. Later

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    The mgs will have no bearing on your ability to gain weight or add weight (within reason of course). Generally, chemicals for cycles are chosen based upon what goals you have in your case, that would be cutting...So, you would be best off to pick things that enable you to accomplish that goal. Prop and Tren are absolutely at the top of the list for that route...


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