Yet, another Methyl-Test Question.

  1. Yet, another Methyl-Test Question.

    OK this is the first time im trying meth-test.
    Ive been hearing great things about it. I was actually told that THIS BOARD had quite a few guys using, so to come over hear and ask my questions.

    First off, does this cycle sound good to you?
    Methyl-Test/ Ergopharm Select 300 4-ad (300mg per pill)
    week 1/2 - 10mg ed/300mg 4-ad
    week 3/4 - 30mg ed/600mg 4ad
    POST CYCLE: 6oxo at recommended dosage.

    The reason i went with 4-ad oral instead of trans is becuase it is 300mg per pill, and its from ergopharm (well respected company) and becuase its cheap. The high dosages is to make up for what doesnt pass...

    I know you read and read and read all you want about a product, but in the end of the day, EVERY companies info is the same. "OUR PRODUCT IS 70000 TIMES BETTER THAN COMPANY X's PRODUCT AND INCREASES TEST LEVELS 4 BILLION PERCENT"...BULL****.
    I wanna hear real life information. What happened to YOU!? What type of gains should i see from my cycle? What will i notice most - mass, weight, etc??

    I also plan on taking milk thistle for liver.

    Since im new to this board, stats might help.
    Age 21
    Lifting religously for 4-5 years
    5'11" 192lbs @ 7% bf
    Bench max - 345lbs for 3 reps
    Squat max - 450lbs for 3 reps

    Ive taken MANY cycles of 1-ad and 1-test with some sick gains. This is something new to me, so i want to get as much real life experience info as i can.

    Thanks alot guys


  2. Well as someone who is taking 20mg. You will definately not need to take more than that. More does not equal better gains. You should see weight increase and strength more than anything. I have also had a good body composition change on it.

  3. Oh ya, you might want to go with clomid or nolva, post cycle, but that is up to you.

  4. oops sorry man...that was supposed to be 20 mg ed in weeks 3/4 not 30...typo!!

    sorry and thanks for the reply...

  5. I was just looking out for you. Only Bobo has tried that much, and even he dropped down to 20

  6. I hope you mean Methyl-1-Test. Or did you really mean Methyl Test?

  7. Moved to the PH forum.


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