Equipoise question

  1. Equipoise question

    I was looking at the Anabolic/androgenic ratios for different gear and was wondering how much EQ would be equivalent to a TRT dose of testosterone.

    test ratio is. 100/100. TRT dose is 200mg

    Eq ratio 100/50. trt dose would 400mg?

    also, if anabolic is muscle building, and the androgenic is male characteristic then why dont the steroids with high anabolic to low androgenic ratios produce better if not equivalant results than say test would?

  2. Androgens are better for HRT because as a man, you benefit from them moreso than just the muscle building effects.

    Anabolics are powerful muscle builders as well. They tend to be milder in nature as far as sides go. You have to understand that anabolics were essentially made to mimic the effects of testosterone minus the male characteristics...so essentially they are dumbed down versions of test. I know its hard to wrap your brain around it, but look at it this way....ALL androgens have anabolic effects(obviously), but anabolics generally dont have androgenic effects....


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