Obtaining pins

  1. Obtaining pins

    I went and picked up pins for my first cycle Sunday. Illinios legalized non-prescript pin purchasing on July 25th. I went to 3 drug stores that told me I needed a script for them. What f-ing morons. So I ended up going home and printing out the SB880 Legislature that legalized it and brought it to another store. They were already aware of the change (store #4) so much for well informed pharmicists but at least I got my pins. Dam 1 1/2 inch looks like a fricking spike LOL <ouch, but a necessary sacrifice.

  2. My home state of Kentucky also has syringe purchases legal without a prescription. Although, you have to sign a registry...the same one that is used for narcotic prescription dispensing. The fact of the matter is that the phamacist has a CHOICE as to whether he/she will sell them to you. If they have reason to suspect they are to be used for illicit use then they have the option of denying the sale.

    The intent of such decriminilization laws is to decrease disease transfer during needle sharing illicit drug use. It doesn't make sense that the pharmacist will make a decision that goes against the intent of the law but that is the world we live in.


  3. I don' know about the legality of refusing to sell the syringes. I have a feeling Any Aids activists group would start a law suit against any major Pharmacy that refused to sell the syringes. I read the ammended bill and did not read anything that left a loop hole open for a pharmacy to refuse to sell them. Below is one link or you can see legislation on the Illinois web site it is #SB800 .http://www.drugpolicy.org/news/press.../pr072903b.cfm

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