Post here if you've used epithio more than once

  1. Post here if you've used epithio more than once

    How did the second cycle compare to your first? I responded really well during my first cycle and I am contemplating another. However, if I can expect a severely decreased response to it compared to my first cycle I may try mdrol or something else.

    If you guys who have cycled this more than once could add some comments that would be great.

  2. i used it twice. noticed more gains because i knew how to eat and train on it. also i used a different dosage. IMO its worth a second shot.

  3. I've used Havoc countless numbers of cycles. Liked them all. Gains are not huge but they are real. Aggression is great as well.

    Bloodwork always looked good even when stacked with other things.

  4. I've used it on 2 different occasions. Worked great each time.

  5. Nice. Good responses from 3 good guys. Looks like I'll be giving it a go, again.



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