Important Please Read!

  1. Important Please Read!

    DO NOT talk to, reply to, or communicate in any way, with Van_zattor, Greenroom, and Evilgeorge

    they have had thier emails hacked, and usernames on boards, and thier own computers too.

    again, DO NOT talk to them. im serious. if they email you from a new email addy, and claim its them, like i said, DO NOT talk to them. they are being impersonated by somebody.

    even if they prove to you it is them, by telling you things only the real one would know, still, dont talk to them. it could very well be the hacker reading old emails or other info he got his hands on.

    The only time i would say its safe to talk to them, is by a new email account, encrypted, and they must tell you something that ONLY they would know, and others couldnt find out. like if you talked on the phone 6 months ago and told him about somthing you didnt tell others.

    if its some info that was emailed, or IM'd, or PM'd, forget it. but if it was some info emailed a yr ago, as long as they deleted the email before they got hacked. but some sources keep emails for a lonnnngggg time.

    basically, thats why im saying just dont talk to them at all. if your 10000% sure its them, go ahead. but be aware, whatever you say, might popssibly be being read by the hacker, even on a new email account.

    they will make good with everyone they owe. just let them take care of it. it will probably be a while, so if your waiting on something, be prepared not to see it for a while. contact a mod if you are contacted by one of these people, or someone claiming to be them. im sure they will say dont tell anybody though.

    spread the word to others. most boards will be banning and deleting thier usernames and accounts for safety. make sure every board is aware of this asap.

  2. Thanks for the heads up bro

  3. Yah, much appreciated, lets find the cyber-twerps and wrap an olympic bar around their necks!

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  4. ~BU~M~P~

    good heads up Matt

  5. Man that sux for those guys. Will keep my eyes open, thanks Matt.



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