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1MT or Winny for a baseball player

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    1MT or Winny for a baseball player

    My friend plays baseball at the D1 college level, and was interested in quickness and speed to steal bases.
    I am pretty well knowledgable about the 1-test, PH products, but not so much about traditional steroids.
    But would be reccomended to him?
    Winny? or with correct baseball specific training -- will 1MT target fast twitch muscle fibers?

    Thanks very much for any insight.

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    Winny is rough on the joints so probably not a good idea. As far as steroids for sports deca will be beneficial in that it lubricates the joints, negative being that it can stay in your system for upwards of a year so if your bro gets tested then that's no good. Plain ol test is probably the best answer. A fast acting ester such as prop would be good.

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