It (injecting) is not hard

  1. It (injecting) is not hard

    to all those that are afraid of injecting:

    I was bored today at my hospital, so I picked up a 30 ml multi-use vial of Bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride water) and a 22g, 1'' syringe, and went home after my shift...

    the first of the disclaimers:   DONT TRY THIS AT HOME

    keep in mind I have never self injected before so this is a new experience to me.

    again, I was I took some creatine powder and dissolved it in water to a concentration of about  30-40mg/ml.  I pulled out 15ml of the sterile water, and put 15ml of the creatine water in its place, this took the creatine concentration down to 15-20mg/ml.  This morning I did GVT arms, so I whooped out the alcohol prep pads, and proceeded to inject 1.5ml into each lateral delt, 1ml to each medial head of my biceps and 1ml to each lateral head of my triceps

    the only pain that I felt was the initial passing of the needle through the skin...other than that, everything was hunky-dory, easy as pie, in like flint, etc...


    it was actually kind of fun...but I'm psycho like that


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  2. Bro did you seriously inject creatine? Also with injecting it never hurts until you wake up the next morning.

  3. LG,
    Yeah right, Nothing more fun then injecting creatine into arms. Youve got issues bro. You work at a hospital, Im sure you can find a nice psych doc to help you with your mental instabilities.


  4. As the time looms near for the Biden bill future these type of posts will become more common. IMO, LG is still a bit green to be injecting ANYTHING but there is nothing wrong with lerning proper technique early


  5. Try it rectally next time..

    I poked a 23g 1" pin in my delt awhile ago, nothing in it.. Just to see how it felt pinning myself IM.. My doc lets me draw my own samples for my bloodwork, darting a vein hurts more IMO..

  6. The pinning is the easy part.. but I like the 25g myself..

  7. I like to use the good ol 18g and do abdominal pins LIKE A MAN BABEEE!

  8. Umm, how sterile could your creatine powder have been.....

  9. you know KC it was that ultra sterile stuff..

  10. Oh yeah, i heard about that stuff Matt, hear it's pretty pricey though


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