THG publicity is being used to sponsor a new bill.

  1. THG publicity is being used to sponsor a new bill.

    Basically it want's to include Prohormones into the category of anabolic steriods.

    Why post this into a steriod forum?

    Because there's this nice little addition for the steriods users.

    The Biden-Hatch bill directs the U.S. Sentencing Commission to review the federal sentencing guidelines for crimes involving anabolic steroids, and consider raising them.

    Currently, the maximum sentence for offenses involving anabolic steroids is only 33 to 41 months for first-time offenders, and to receive the maximum sentence an offender would have to be caught with 300,000 doses.

  2. I dont get it. There are much more important issues for politicians to be tackling besides ****ing pro-hormones and supplement use. How about the fact the the average murderer gets out of prison before the average drug dealer does? Politics and government is one big joke. I love how tom osbourne is so in on this too, the guy's entire football teams used roids and everyone knew it. And orrin hatch? Does Utah even count? I mean seriously.

  3. The problem started when the idiot supplement companies used the term prosteroid instead of prohormone. The press and politicians think the word steroid is evil ( though it's funny they mostly have favorable coverage for "hormone replacement"). The press does a few negative reports on prosteroids and the politician tries to get his name in the paper.

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