If the new Anti-PH bill passes, will this forum stay?

  1. If the new Anti-PH bill passes, will this forum stay?

    Or should it be lumped into the steriod forum, since that's what our great representatives seem to think.

    BTW if any of you see Senator Joseph Biden, D-Delaware choking in a public area.... how about pretending to be busy... or that you don't know the Hiemlich manuever.

    Quotes from an ESPN article.

    Biden was the driving force behind the effort in 1990 that led to anabolic steroids being made controlled substances. The new bill, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2003, serves as acknowledgement that there were flaws in that original legislation, which discouraged doctors from prescribing steroids to athletes but stimulated the black market and encouraged scientists to devise powerful substances that were technically legal.

    "These substances, called steroid precursors or pro-steroids, are one step removed from the substances [regulated] in the law," Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Delaware, said on the Senate floor. "When ingested, they metabolize into testosterone or other illicit steroids. These are products which the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the group in charge of testing Olympic athletes for performance enhancing drugs, has called the 'functional equivalent of steroids.' "

    If the bill passes, people who want to use andro or its chemical cousins would have to get a prescription from a doctor. Biden said the bill would also make it easier for the Drug Enforcement Administration to add new substances to the controlled substances list.

  2. ph ban

    If this bill is passed how long until the bill be infect?

  3. If they do it soon enough and Bush signs it (which he will to stay in lockstep with the 'pubs) the likely ban date is Jan 1st.

    With all the momentum the designer steroid deal has caused, better stock up now. I just ordered another 4 bottles of M 1-T five minutes ago. Need to get some stuff for transdermals this weekend too.

  4. Everybody better get some practice converting fina soon. I know i want my monkey to stay big and strong.

  5. We have all been worried and all stocked up before. Think I'll wait till I know it's going to happen.



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