Would this provide any benefits?

  1. Would this provide any benefits?

    Would a 2 day pulse of 30mg M Drol provide any benefis/gains?

    Age: 26
    Weight: 198lbs
    BF%: 9
    Training experience: 10yrs
    AAS experience: 8 + cycles of varying lengths and substances (Inj based) 2 x PH cycles Epi 4 weeks, M-Drol 3 weeks.
    Diet: Would give it a B+/A- at the moment. Eat very clean and disciplined 80-90% of the time. (I’m a nutritionist so know where to improve and what to cut back on)

    Goal of cycle: Improve Athletic performance, gain 5+lbs, stay lean.

    For the next 8 weeks I will only be lifting 2 x PW: Whole body workouts
    Olympic Lift
    Squat variation
    Lower back/hamstring (DL, good morning etc)
    Push/Pull (day 1 horizontal, day 2 vertical)
    Extras – 1 or 2 exercises from strong man exercises to curls, just depends on exercises done that day.

    Varying set and reps protocols. Mainly heavy, strength oriented but interspersed with power and plyo exercises.

    I will also be training with a team on Tuesday and Thursday for 90mins each session with a game on Saturdays. Anaerobic/aerobic emphasis with contact.
    I may find time/energy to get in some “beach” weights on either a Friday or Sunday but not very often.

    That’s the background, now back to my original Q.
    Would pulsing M-Drol 2 x PW on lifting days @ 30mgs (20 pre 10 Post) provide any benefit/gains? Cycle would be run for 6 – 8 weeks.
    I was looking to run Cissus-Drol on all other days – or should I just run it everyday regardless??
    Would you suggest a different supp to run on this cycle? Along the lines of Cissus Drol a different 6 bromo product? or maybe restervol based like Stoked?

    Will run usual on cycle ancillaries and PCT is not a prob as have plenty of experience with this.

    Really just wanted to hear people’s thoughts on this cycle and the pros and cons of running it.
    This will potentially be my first pulse and have researched the subject a fair bit.
    The reason for going for a pulse Vs a regular cycle was the limited lifts I could get in and not for any other reason, although slow steady keep able gains with limited shutdown is a bonus.

    Thoughts, questions, comments – all appreciated.


  2. Try it and see. It sounds interesting, I was considering something similar. I think its worth a try. Please post a log or results.

  3. My honest opinion.... I wouldn't waste your time with a 2 day pulse. As experienced as you are with various cycles;I don't think it well benefit you.
    I ran a 3 day pulse with havoc(tues,thurs,sat)only lifting regularly 2 days and gained about 5 pounds. I've only held on to about 2 of those. My strength went way up though and I have managed to hold onto most of that.

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