Typical injection question

  1. Typical injection question

    This is the 2nd time I've done a glute injection, I did .5ml in each cheek because in the first cheek I started feeling some pain while pushing the plunger down when it got about half way, I think because my hand was shaking and the needle was prodding around inside me. After I hit the left cheek, a small drop of blood came out, and I think a bit of the injected liquid did too. The blood doesn't mean I hit a vessel does it? I read that if you hit one, you'll damn sure know it right away. I feel fine, but I've still got that paranoia you know? Is it normal to have a little blood come out?

    BTW, I was only using a 1in. pin, which is why I think a little bit of the oil leaked out also.

  2. You would know if you hit a blood vessel

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    You should also be aspirating..pulling the plunger back to make sure you arent in a vein. Otherwise, yes, some blood is normal.

  4. Yeah I should've aspirated, I did the 1st time I injected, but was in too much of a hurry because twisting around all crazy cramped my lats up pretty bad so I had to get it done quickly. I'm just going to hit delts next time since my needles are only 1in. Thanks for the help guys.

  5. A little blood is not uncommon. If your hand is not completely steady expect a little more blood.

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    Try sitting down if you are standing up and hitting the glutes...I cant stand cause i shake and twitch so bad. Thighs are nice and easy to hit too.

  7. IF you are going to hit glute, try lying down on your side. I always find that alot easier. And Yes blood is normal.



  8. I woke up this morning and the pain was gone in the left cheek, but the right one is still sore and has a little knot where I injected. Is this a definite sign of an abcess or could me shaking the needle around have done it?

  9. sounds like the needle moving around gave you soreness. by the way what are you injecting? I am injecting test prop daily and the pain was bad until I cut it with some sterile oil. some things you can do to help with injection pain are

    1. dart in quickly, push needle almost all in.
    2. always aspirate
    3. inject slowly
    4. if possible try to steady needle with other hand while injecting
    5. when injection is complete, pull out and lightly pinch injection sight for a few seconds
    6. massage area to help spread oil

    some also like to work that muscle the same day. heating pads also help. oh almost forgot the most important thing.....pre-heat the oil.
    hope this helps.

    [email protected]

  10. Agree with the above except the dart quickly. If you hit a nerve and going in quickly it can really really be painful.

  11. Well I think I mainly injected too low, I probably didn't even hit the muscle, I was afraid of going to high and instead went too low. But just in case the pain is from an infectious abcess, I just took an antibiotic shot off of a 2in. 22g pin stuck all the way in...most painful one to date. Maybe I can stop worrying now, I'll be more careful next time.


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