Shelf Life of Liquid PTC Products?

  1. Shelf Life of Liquid PTC Products?

    Saw the reference to the researchgear website and noticed you get quite a lot of liquid refreshment (tamoxifen, clomid) for the buck.

    Can any of you tell me if the liquid versions are just as effective on a mg-mg basis as the pill version, and what is the normal shelf life?


  2. Liquid forms are exactly the same in effectiveness. The meds are dissolved in a solution vs. being formed into a pill. Liquid is easier to take, & definitely easier to get.

    I imagine the shelf life is the same as any drug, a few years maybe?. I've had liquid nolva sitting around 6 months with no change in appearance.

  3. I have seen a lot cheaper prices on clomid than that. But hey to each his own.

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