T1, T1pro, & T4 color changes?

  1. T1, T1pro, & T4 color changes?

    All three of these bottles have turned bronish and look alil watery. Are they any good? I remember awhile back LG was talking about reheating the ph's or something like that. Somebody respond please////

  2. 25 views and not 1 damn reply....

  3. how old are they?
    are the substances seperating?
    Did you shake it up?
    Did you heat it up?
    Did you add anything to it?

  4. They are about a year old.
    Doesnt look liek the substance is seperated.
    I shook them up and tried heating them up in sum hot bath water.
    I didnt add nothing too them except for last year.

  5. It sounds like the carbomer is degrading in gelling action. The main ingredients should be still viable but it will be less thick (and may discolor somewhat).




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