What to stack 3AD with???

  1. What to stack 3AD with???

    I am going to start a 3AD cycle in about 6 weeks and I wanted to stack it with something to get a little extra kick. I will be running it for 6 weeks. I was thinking 50 mg of Hdrol. Any other good ideas.

  2. Is this going to be your first PH stack? Have you run 3-AD solo?

  3. I have ran a stack before but it was a few years ago, the original 1-AD with 4-AD. I ran that a couple of times with great results and no sides. A couple of months ago I ran Epistane for 4 weeks, no sides but I ran a crap load of support supplements. I ran it conservatively, 10/20/20/30. I didn't get more than 3 or 4 lbs but I did get good strength and endurance. Also my shirts are tight and I do look bigger. I would like to hit 8 to 10 lbs from my next cycle but I am not interested in taking Sdrol or Pplex.

    3AD is attractive because it is not methalated and I don't need a crap load of liver support and prostate support. I was planning on taking 3AD at 6 pills a day. I don't really need to stack something with it but I was just curious on others opinions.

    On a side note (but not sure) the original Halodrol-50 was thought to be spiked with DMT(Pplex?). So I have read that one of the ingredients in 3AD in non methalated Pplex. So my thought is 3AD + Hdrol = a less liver toxic similar stack as the original Halodrol-50.

    Am I missing something or a flaw in my theory? Any imput would be great. Keep in mind expense is not an issue just the efficiency of the cycle.

  4. won't you end up buying a whole bunch of support supps again if you stack something with 3ad?

    I would do the following if i were in your shoes:
    I would either run epistane at 30/30/40/40. if i were still gaining at the end of week 4, I'd add another week at 40.
    ive run epi with no support supps and had no liver trouble or increased blood pressure whatsoever. the stuff is incredibly mild.

    I don't recommend this since every body is different. Cycle support virtually guarantees a safe cycle.

    this would be much cheaper than a 3ad / hdrol cycle with support supps and i'd bet you put on that 8 lbs you want.

    Either that or I'd run hdrol at 50/50/50/75/75, which would use two bottles of hdrol.

    i guess what i'm saying is that if i were in your shoes I would save my money and leave the 3ad out. its expensive and hardly worth the extra cash IMO.

  5. If you haven't run 3-AD solo I would recommend you try that first that way you can gauge it's effectiveness. After you have see your results then you can run a cycle later w/ something to stack with it.

  6. Hey, I was interested in 3-Ad myself, but can't find any threads on logs or any info? Any body have any links. Thank you.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gltrdone83 View Post
    If you haven't run 3-AD solo I would recommend you try that first that way you can gauge it's effectiveness. After you have see your results then you can run a cycle later w/ something to stack with it.
    What would you use as a PCT stack after a 3AD run

  8. I know it would be better to run 3AD by itself. That is what I am thinking about doing. There is not much info about 3AD out. Could you provide some expected sides so I know what angles to take if need be. I have read it is unmethalated Pplex which would maybe cause prolactin sides? I shouldn't need cycle support with it either? I do have a prostate support formula and cranberry extract which I have enough of for an entire cycle. When I took Epistane I was getting some uncomfortable urinating. I took the cranberry extract and it went away. Also what is the best way to take 3AD? I know you are suppose take it with 15 to 20 grams of fat. Does that mean with an entire meal or would you get better absorption from taking it with like a couple of table spoons of peanut butter?

  9. For PCT I ran the OTC PCT protocol as laid out in the Post Cycle Therapy forum. I think Demang posted it. It worked well for my Epistane cycle. I did add a couple of things. For the first 21 days I took a test booster as a precaution and I used 6OXO Extreme instead of just 6OXO. I also added ZMA and Forslean for a little extra boost. I was already using Cissus for an old shoulder injury which it has done wonders for but this was also to help control cotrisol. I must say I did not get blood work but guaging by morning wood test was much higher than normal. No sides and no gyno.

  10. PCT for 3-AD would be aPCT. Using 3 caps spread out evenly throughout the day. The sides for 3-AD are very low. I experienced zero sides from 3-AD.

    You could check out some 3-AD logs on the AX forum and see the sides that people had if they had any.



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