Black China Labs Super Tren MG abd EST Methyl E Log

  1. Black China Labs Super Tren MG abd EST Methyl E Log

    Black China Labs Super Tren Mg / EST Methyl E log

    Right, first post may so may as well make it vaguely on the interesting side as I could not find anything overly informative on Super Tren Mg….

    Side note : for all you chemistry kids out there, SuperTren Mg is a progestin which acts at the site of the androgen.

    That to me does not mean a great deal, but a manageable increase in strength with excellent fat loss abilities without overly scarifying sky high blood pressure and loss of libido and being a non methyl means hopefully 6 pounds of net gain over 4-6 weeks should be conceivable. That I do understand!

    The downside is that this product will soon face the chop – I’ll guess this’ll give me the facts as to whether I need to stock up or not.


    Everyone needs a plan and hopefully this is more inline with an A Team style bluster with no blood spilled and no ill feeling rather than an ill-informed sortie into Irag with no exit considerations.

    4 weeks of BCL Super Tren @ 6 a day
    3 Weeks of EST Methyl E 30mg a day (started 10 days into cycle)
    Liver support

    Bio-rhythm Androbolix
    BCL Superdex
    6 bromo week 3 onwards
    Liver support

    I will not be including a SERM as I believe the above to be efficient to kick start a relatively mild and short cycle as this.

    Past experience:

    4 week 1AD/4AD - Excellent gains, though I found it quite watery and shedding.

    8 week BCL Super Halo cycle - Excellent slow and steady, easy to keep gains / easy bounce back of test but terrible time with passing blood in urine for a short period , cleared up and all clear after antibiotics and CT scan.

    Lesson learned – no matter how mild, do not run long methyl cycle’s – hence the short course here! Have no desire to end up back at hospital listening to doctors tell me that oral steroids do not work and that no one would use them etc etc so any signs that even this short cycle cant be tolerated then it’ll be cut short folks.

    This has also driven the choice of product – sustainable gains avoiding major organ damage is the key here!

    Quick background

    Age 34
    Lifting time 6 years seriously
    Weight 19.5 stone (fat indicator - waist @ 38inches )
    Height 6FT
    Major lifts
    Incline Bench 275*6
    Squat 315*12
    Bell Row 315*12

    Story so Far :-

    Well I’d considered getting this going from the beginning but then thought you’d have an array of musings from myself around whether it was placebo effects / slow acting Tren MG and thought I’d kick this off a couple of days into the addition of the Epi to fast forward through till I get to the (hopefully) good stuff.

    Sooo.. well as expected the Tren is slow acting you can tell from the fullness of shoulders that im on but nothing really to report interms of either plus or minuses here.
    Some shrinkage of the boys and an increase in appetite
    Perhaps an extra rep here and there on pushing exercises but patience !!

    This rather brief update brings us to the present ………….

    DAY 14 - This is the third day of the Epi and a full two weeks into the Tren

    The few examples of feedback I’ve found (mainly through highly excitable individuals over on have indicated that the 3rd and 4th weeks are where its at for the Tren and that the Epi is reasonably quick acting and excellent for strength gains. So I’m expecting to have something reasonable to report back to TV land out there.

    Diet is pretty decent in terms of all 6 meals in a day contribute around 300gms protein (only counting ‘protein foods’) and somewhere between 150 and 400 gms carbs depending on the w/o schedule

    Added to this are various examples of living in the normal world … got a sweet tooth like a mutha….

    Anyway ..those calories don’t count.

    W/O schedule

    5 days in 8 – one session per bodypart, no more than an hour.
    And today is shoulder day – and im expecting some kind of exciting in return for this balanced and knee jerk free review of the first two weeks.

    I really only measure progress probably on 1 exercise for each b/part.

    For shoulders it’s the smith machine. Now the actual weight used here don’t mean schnizzle as ive found huge variations depending on the actual machine used. The current ones I have access to are very old and probably a lot nearer a free weight press than the spring assisted ones that seem to be all the rage (either that or age has withered me)

    Anyway – tonight’s progress needs to improve upon 40kg’s a side for 4 (or 37.5kg for 7reps)

    Any upwards movement from here will result in me singing the praises wildly later on – a failure will of course result in sheer dismissal of it’s effectiveness and ill join the so and so makes bunk products arguments ( though ill probably score another one up for patience and another in the slow acting column)

    Right – I’m sure you get the drift now. There won’t be a ton of detail on every lift, I’ll just report the major variances against.


    Strength (Five major lifts)

    Incline B.Bell
    Smith Machine Shoulders
    Barbell Shrug
    Barbell Bent over row

    Weight Change – current morning weight 19 stone -10 lbs

    Lethargy – so far so good
    Shutdown – hanging higher than standard
    Libido – no change
    Mood – no change

    Points that would be welcome to be advised on

    Foe PCT Superdex extreme is used as an anti – E. With Epi allegedly helping with some cases of gyno would it be best to taper in the dose of an anti to avoid some kind of rebound when pct is finished. Or is my logic here all screwed?

    Any thoughts on dose timing of Epi would be good.

    Right – I’m boring myself now……

  2. Day 14 cont

    The aftermath.

    Right kids .... first real day of some marked benefit in the gym.

    Strength and stamina increase.

    Shoulders and traps done - shrugs in particular a good 4 clean reps with 160kg's more. Big difference in my book ... normally a good couple of months progress right there ( is it sustainable ...we'll see)

    Other than that a decent session ... not noting unbearable pumps or anything dramatic - but a nice increase that didnt threaten the well being of all my tendons...

    Food - well i wouldnt normally update you on this as im very consistent .. but its taco's tonight so the mood is good!

    Rest day tomorrow.

    Be back for some back action on Sunday ...

    Recovery as a side note has been very good ... though not so radical that i could run 7 days in the gym straight .. just nice and recovered within 3 days.

    any more and i fishing for feedback.

    Boys are hanging lower tonight ...

    odd movement up and down ...when i did 1AD they pretty much disappeared and didnt return till PCT...

    as the sun sets slowly in the west......

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