boldenone base testing

  1. boldenone base testing

    I'm starting this thread to share my upcoming tests of boldenone base.
    I have 25 grams to try different routes of administration with. If any one has any suggestions or feed back it is welcome.

  2. today i made the first batch. .75 gram bold. dissolved in 5ml of peg400, then added to 5ml of oil.
    At 10:30am i injected .5ml, i will post back on pain and such.

  3. Interested to see how this goes. Goodluck man

  4. im subbed. i hope we can find a good way to get the benefiets of a fast acting bold.

    on anything else?

  5. Good luck, guessing that is going to hurt like hell and probably have a fever such as bold prop does. I would go transdermal personally for bold base, jminis has a log around here from a few years back using trans boldenone.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes and interest everyone. The first batch done I.M. wasn't that bad to me!!! The spot of injection got soar starting at 12 hours lasting to 36 hours. No other symptoms besides discomfort at the site. It felt the same as test prop.
    The next two days i tried the same solution but subcutaneous. The S.C. shots were irritating and the area is sensitive to touch 48 hours after administration.

    The main problem that arose was boldenone coming out of solution. Some had started to crystalize a few hours after cooling to room temp. Yesterday i made batch #2 at 45mg/ml in peg and oil. I think #2 will hold up better.
    I also made a batch#3. It is a suspension at 35mg/ml.

  7. Does anyone know of dosages that people are using when reporting the flu like symptoms?

  8. Had a blend of test prop/tren ace/bold prop and 0.2ml made me feel a little rough, bumped it to 0.4ml and felt absolutely horrible...that would have been a dose of 40mg bold prop. Maybe the base wont have the same flu issues as the prop.

    I knew the above blend was going to be rough so thats why I started out at a very low dose and slowly tried to work my way up to see if my body would get used to it, only tried it for a week but that was long enough for me.

  9. i suck at math, what was the concentration of the first batch? mg/ml?

  10. Roughly 75mg/ml.

  11. hey piston pump, I'm also taking testosterone 250mg a week. I've been running this for about one year.

  12. Batch #2 (oil/peg @ 45mg/ml) has held up and did not came out of solution. The suspension at 35mg held and works so i'm going to up it to 50 mg/ml. But the oil is easier to work with in the syringe, the suspension will settle a little to quick to shoot if your not fast enough.

    As far as pain it has not gotten worse and no other symptoms have been noticed.

  13. Some phlojel ultra got here today. i'm going to make some transdermal for use in a couple of weeks. Hoping the phlojel with a litte dsmo will get a decent amount absorbed.

  14. this is great man, love when someone does something new so to speak. Its like watching a science experiment!! haha.

    how old are you btw?

  15. I'm 23, and happy you got some entertainment out of this thread.. I love this testing too because i don't feel like a** when i thought i would. Mabe this experiment will give people some useful insight when thinking about fast acting boldenone.

  16. youve been on for over a year? do you use hcg?

  17. yep, i use hcg 150mcg every thursday. when i'm not taking other stuff with the test.

  18. Best of luck here. I ran bold base quite a few times and loved it. Easy to use, easy to make and started working it's magic within 5-6 days. I've tried bold prop and hated it just as I hate test prop. I came to the conclusion I would much rather run both as a base in a dermal. Dermals are so under rated and I don't understand why. Some of the best cycles I ever ran were as dermals. Plus I've love using them in conjunction with say a test enanth or EQ ect... I love jumpstarting with dermals then while I'm waiting for the enanth to clear they help keep levels stable until I'm off. God Bless the dermal!

  19. I'm about to jump on the dermal bandwagon(a small bandwagon). Injecting is more efficient,but after a while sticking your self gets old. the bold is economic enough to use transdermaly and not worry about the waistage of powder.

    Both bold base and test base are cheap so money shouldn't be an issue.

  20. I'm really liking the esterless boldenone. It has been great for body recomp., and helping me look leaner. After 2 1/2 weeks of injections i have switched to transdermal. I made with dsmo and phlojel ultra @ 100mg/ml bold.

  21. so what are your reccommendations for the bold base injects? dose? mixing? length etc?

  22. Well whatever method (injections or transdermal) i've been shooting for the equivalent of ~400mg a week EQ. I'm personally happy at that dose. For injections my favorite mix so far was the oil/peg400 mixture. This mixture is easier to work with than the suspension. But more work needs to be done to find a better solution for injecting the bold. The oil/peg alowes the bold to come out of solution after a certain amount of time. So, I microwave it about 15-20 seconds, then let it cool slightly whenever i use. Oh and back in post six I mentioned doing subq injections, well imo never shoot peg subq. I think it has trouble getting absorbed and can cause a nasty little knot that takes a couple of weeks to go away.
    For Length, I would think as long as Eq minus the kick in time. But this is my first shot at boldenone base so, i don't have much of a personal experience to go on. I've only been on 17 days.
    In the next week when i have spare time i'm going to try to find a way to stop the bold from crashing.

  23. so why isnt EQ found more readily available with the shorter base, i mean I always only find it with the long ester attached, if this base is more efficiant and gets results faster then why not find it more readily available?

  24. Mabe for a lot of people they might rather inject once a week and forget about. I would think that the base powder would be available. But in my experience is hard to put it in a useable form for injection so no one can sell a premade product.

  25. I think i will try ethyl oleate to make another boldenone preparation for I.M. And with the transdermal 10%dmso,10%IA with phlojel @100mg/ml is a little gritty. If anyone else is planning on making any TD bold, they might consider use of other solvents also, like some have suggested in other threads. One solvent of interest to me is dgme(diethylene glycol monoethyl ether).


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