M-Drol dosage

  1. M-Drol dosage

    What is the best dosage for a cycle of m-drol, also what a good cycle length. 3 weeks? I'm just starting to get a cycle together on this. Any info would be great.

  2. what are your stats?
    cycle experience?


  3. if its your first cycle..very bad choice for a compound

  4. not my first cycle...did a cycle of m1t about 8 months ago. i have not done another cycle sense. ive just read a few things that this is some good stuff. compareable to superdrol.

  5. 10mg 3 weeks...you really want the lowest dose where you see gains. you will get a little more from 20 or 30 mg but sides will be much worse and recovery and your next cycle wont be as good. only bump to 20 if you arent feeling the sides and your gains arent as good

  6. I did a 10/20/30 cycle and next time I would probably stick with 10/20/20. M-Drol is very potent so make sure you have your support supplements and PCT in place before starting.

  7. Cycle Support preloaded for 10-14 day before cycle and run throughout the cycle. A SERM is needed here.
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