VPX Cycle

  1. VPX Cycle

    While I have a pretty fair knowledge of real steroids and feel able to recommend a beginner stack based on personal experience, I have a friend who isn't willing to use anything other than Prohormones due to the legal issues.

    He has absolutely no problems with injections and personally I think it would be a goodexperience for him to inject for experience.

    Assuming you were going to construct a cycle using only the available:
    VPX 1-Test Cyp
    VPX 4-Test Cyp
    VPX HT Cyp

    Arimidex, and Nolva will be avail during cycle if needed to counter Bloat and or Gyno and post cycle Nolva will be used.

    Could someone construct a cycle using only the above products including a weekly dosage, how many weeks on, and what type of post cycle should be done for such a cycle.

    I know I'm asking for a LOT of information but I would really appreciate you input on this one.

    P.S. The real gear is not an option at this time, I know it'd be a hell of a lot easier to tell him to hit some Test Enan and EQ but *shrug*.

  2. Aww comon 65 views not one person can contribute to this?
    I'd appreciate any type of input here.

  3. 1-test/4-AD is a common & effective beginner stack. Should see nice gains on a 6 week cycle.
    I have never done the Cyp versions, not sure about dosages.

    Clomid or nolva is all he needs for PCT.

  4. I think there haven't been many comments because there are better products available.

  5. Don't quote me on the 4ad cyp because I haven't run that one myself, but I'd say he'd see nice results doing thrice weekly injects of that and 1-t cyp. Total 1200mg - 1800mg (beginner, so I suggest the 1200) of 4-ad cyp per week. That'd be 400mg per inj, at 200mg/ml thats 2ml x 3/week. For the 1-test cyp I could comfortably suggest a dose as low as 300 mg / week, up to 600 mg week. I like the low dose to begin with, so the overall cycle of those two would be along the lines of:

    6 weeks: M - W - F -- 2ml 4-ad cyp and 1 ml 1-test cyp.
    If desired, frontload the first the week of 4-ad cyp, and if the 1-test cyp seems to low for the liking, make it 1.5ml per week.
    -- Then kick it with PCT of nolva and food.

    Also... dollar for dollar, I gotta suggest you don't get VPX products. Dazed has great pre-mades for much much cheaper than VPX, and I know the 1-t cyp is perfectly painless . Best o' luck to your friend.

  6. Awesome that's the kind of response I was looking for thanks a lot.


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